Filter inserts

Filter inserts

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Activated filters

FFP3 Filter inserts


FFP3 Filter inserts (5 x 2 pcs.)


5 x 2 replaceable filter inserts according to FFP3 test standard for protection against external influences. Pollutants are reliably filtered when the polypropylene nonwovens are used correctly. The hygiene solution for easy integration into your IONO-ACTIVE Mask for adults.

Included in the scope of delivery:

5 x 2 filter inserts

8 Velcro points for easy-to-use fastening

Velcro points for filter...


Velcro points for IONO-AKTIV mask

for attaching the FFP3 filter inserts

1 x 40 Velcro points to fix the FFP3 filter inserts in your IONO-AKTIV mask for adults. Sufficient for five filter insert changes.

The IONO-AKTIV mask and accessories can only be obtained online at or exclusively from your beautician!