Be positive, breathe negative! Because: we breathe as long as we live. With each breath we refuel oxygen from the ambient air. Our entire organism needs this oxygen for its metabolism in the body and mind. In the oxygen of the breathing air, the natural ions that orbit each oxygen molecule are particularly important. While we still have around 2,500 of the important negative ions per cm3 in the air in the forest or by the sea, the concentration in the residential areas is more than halved. In the office, we reach the low point with only about 70 negative ions. Mobile phones, computers, laptops, printers and the like neutralize our much-awaited negative ions with their positive charges and the good effect is gone. Only through the small electrical particles can we use the vital oxygen of the breathing air. And only the ions give our cells the energy they need for all their functions.

But the power material made of oxygen is also available to-go. The new IONO₂-ACTIVE Mask is equipped with an ion generator that works like a small power plant and provides the organism with oxygen ions in a highly concentrated form (approx. 2 million negative ions per cm3). This is more than any hot spring or the soothing mountain air ever has to offer. Wear the IONO₂-ACTIVE Mask at home, at work, on the go or while walking and benefit immediately and sustainably.

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The IONO₂-ACTIVE Mask accompanies you at home, at work, on the road or on a walk, providing you with highly concentrated negative ions. The IONO₂-ACTIVE Mask increases the number of ions in the air you inhale many times over. This is considered beneficial for physical and mental performance; negative ions can also kill bacteria and viruses.

The IONO₂-ACTIVE Mask can only be obtained online at or exclusively from your beautician!

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